IBT Controls upgrades BMS at Her Majesty’s Prisons

At IBT Controls we don’t just tender new buildings, we also work with our customers on retrofitting existing buildings and upgrading their Building Management Systems.

Two such projects this year secured by our sales team are for clients working on Her Majesty’s Prisons, with work encompassing the upgrade of the Trend BMS panels to the latest IQ4 controllers. 

Our project team is working closely with our customers to meticulously plan the upgrade work around other site activities to ensure a seamless changeover to the new system.

Ensuring that all connected HVAC services remain operational during the upgrade, so they do not impact the operation of the prisons and provide a solution that improves the operability and efficiency of the Building Management System for years to come.

With the work valued at over £700K, these upgrades form an important part of our business as we assist our clients in migrating their building stock to the latest of the manufacturer’s product offerings.

Reasons why our customers upgrade their BMS systems:

  • Investment protection by extending the lifetime of the installed system
  • Reduce energy and operating maintenance costs
  • Spread the cost of modernisation over the years
  • With new technology comes greater functionality & compatibility with newer systems
  • Avoid unexpected downtimes from the failure of obsolete products

For further information contact one of our sales team 

Site: HMP Prisons

Control Solutions: Trend

Scope of works: BMS Upgrades


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