Flagship BMS project win in Manchester

IBT Controls have secured a flagship BMS project in Manchester, delivering an integrated Schneider BMS solution at The Christie.

The new £150 million flagship purpose-built biomedical research centre is a joint development by The University of Manchester, Cancer Research UK and The Christie that will replace the Paterson building that was destroyed by a fire in 2017.

The Paterson Building will be twice the size of its predecessor, bringing together the largest concentration of scientists, doctors, and nurses in Europe. A further 400 staff will be supported by the facility, alongside 350 research scientists and support staff.

The new building, with its state-of-the-art facilities will put it in the top five preclinical, translational, and clinical cancer centres in the world. Realising this ambition will ensure that the impact of the research and on patient benefit will not only be delivered locally and nationally but also internationally.



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