Smart Buildings

We have all heard the phrases, ‘Internet of things’ and ‘smart buildings’, but what is a smart building and how can we achieve practical solutions that improve our everyday life and reduce our impact on the environment.

Knowledge is power, the internet of things claims to be the solution but what you do with this data is even more important. The key to it all is finding practical applications that share this data to determine how a building is used by its occupants, how the connected services truly work together and optimise their interaction to bring benefits to the occupants and at the same time reduce the environmental impact on our planet.

We as a company have real world experience at integrating the various services within a building and sharing this information to the building users and a wider audience via cloud-based platforms.

Our capabilities include:

  • A vast experience is building automation
  • Integrating lighting and HVAC services for demand-based control
  • Monitoring building energy use
  • Integration with Fire and life safety systems
  • Monitoring water services for Legionella
  • Air quality monitoring
  • Sharing information to cloud based solutions for data analysis

Providing our clients with solutions to everyday problems.

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