Integrated Solutions

We do not just do the talk we walk the walk and have the experience and proven track record of providing a fully integrated, intelligent building management system.

We have experience in the integration of Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC), lighting control systems, metering and environmental monitoring into an enterprise Building Energy Management System using open protocols.

Whether the communication protocols are BACnet, Modbus, M-Bus, KNX, OPC and others, we have the expertise to pull the data together and use it for practical purposes.


To meet the ever demanding and challenging energy drives across the globe, we feel integrating buildings via a BEMS is crucial to achieve the best efficiencies for all plants and services.

Common solutions offer:

  • Occupancy Control
  • Lighting Control
  • Demand Based Heating & Ventilation Routines
  • Energy Monitoring and Targeting

This information can then be shared across cloud-based platforms to truly provide smart solutions to a client’s building portfolio.

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